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        ABOUT US

        • China High-tech Enterprise
        • Products sold worldwide
        • ISO9001 and CE certified
        • Advanced R&D center, Full range of processing and monitoring devices
        • Member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association

        Model JGB Series
        High-efficiency Sugar-coating / Film-coating Machine

        • (A) Sealing structure:
          Double layer elastic silicone material for high sealing performance.
          Spray gun: no clogging, no dripping, easy to clean, good atomization effect.
        • (B) Operating system:
          Touch screen operation, dynamic display, man-machine interface.
          Manual/automatic control, multiple sets of process data storage,
          Manual/automatic control, multiple sets of process data storage,
        • (C) Frequency conversion peristaltic pump:
          Using data programming and variable frequency speed control technology, it automatically controls the spray flow with the microcomputer to achieve the quantitative delivery of the medium. It can also adjust the flatness of the hose and improve the service life of the silicone tube.
        • (D) Adjustable exhaust damper:
          It saves coating materials and heat energy, improves the quality of coating, and has a large range of contents.

        JIAN PAI 25 YEARS

        Focus on solid preparations

        Always paying close attention to the technological innovation of enterprises, combining independent innovation with the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation.


        Technical support: There are more than 100 national patents

        Superior quality, exquisite workmanship, professional testing

        Pre-sales service and perfect after-sales service

        Pre-sales service support

        Provide selection guidance








        Conversion operation


        Conversion operation

        Accessory products

        Automatic control

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        • 6
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        Production workshop, testing equipment, corporate exhibition hall, etc.
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